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Wilderness Journey (Num 1-6)

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

To be honest each year as I read through the Bible, I’m often doing it to get my reading done rather than look for application, especially in books like Numbers which I find tough to read through without skimming.

The book is named “Numbers” because God tells Moses to take a census. I think that’s to show them the size of the great nation God had delivered from Egypt.

Then in Numbers 1-6 there’s a record of the census and detailed instructions of how the Levites are to serve God.

It’s easy to scratch my head at this point and say “Lord, what am I to get out of this that applies to my life today?”

The answer God gave me is “preparation.” The Israelites were about to be sent out from Mount Sinai to embark on a wilderness journey which they could only survive by relying on God and obeying His instructions.

Just as the Lord prepared the Israelites for their wilderness journey, He is also preparing me daily for mine.

So each day I have a choice to try to survive in the wilderness on my own or draw close to God, trust in Him, and follow His lead.

I don’t know what’s ahead in my wilderness journey which God is preparing me for today. But I’m thankful He has called me, given me this life, and given me the opportunity to follow Him.

Lord, please help me follow your lead and trust in You each day rather than trying to take the lead and do what appears to be right in my own eyes.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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