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Why would a loving God allow? (Daniel 2)

God is in control of time, weather, seasons, and even the presidents and rulers who are established and removed. But as we look around at the evil that is reigning all over the world and even in our own country, we may be tempted to complain and ask, "Why would a loving God allow ___ ?"

We see injustice all around us. We see presidents who are working to improve peoples' lives, hated and removed. We see presidential administrations who are working hard to destroy their own nations in exchange for power and control succeeding. So then the knee jerk reaction for many is, "Why would a loving God allow ___ ?"

But we have to be careful with that "Why?" question. We can't say we believe in God and trust in Him as the Lord of our lives in one breath and then turn around and say, "Why would a loving God allow ___ ?" in the next breath.

That "Why" question erases our statement of faith. That "Why?" question says, "we don't really trust God."

In fact that "Why?" question says "Unless God explains Himself to me in a way that I agree with, I'm not going to trust in Him, follow Him, live for Him, or make Him the Lord of my life."

In other words, "I am going to play God instead of trusting in the God of all creation, who loves me and willingly died on the cross in my place."

But Daniel didn't have a "Why would a loving God allow ___ ?" attitude. Daniel, was a faithful teenager who watched his nation, Israel, be destroyed in siege after siege by King Nebuchadnezzar, an evil and ruthless leader of the kingdom of Babylon.

Daniel, was captured, taken away from his family and homeland, and deported to Babylon where his captors attempted to erase any allegiance he had to his country, his people, and his God.

Daniel was given a new name, new clothes, and food sacrificed to idols which he refused to eat. They tried to "re-educate" him so that his words, his thoughts, and his lifestyle would align with the Babylonian lifestyle rather than a lifestyle loyal to his God.

But we are never once told that Daniel asked "Why would a loving God allow ___ ?" Instead we are told that Daniel just kept praying to his God. He prayed that God would protect him from defiling himself with food sacrificed to Babylonian idols. And God answered that prayer. He prayed to God night and day for guidance and protection. And God guided and protected Daniel in amazing ways.

Through it all, Daniel just kept his eyes on God and worshiped Him.

Daniel understood, even as a teenager, that it is God who controls the times, the weather, the seasons, and which presidents will be established and removed.

Daniel 2:21 It is God who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings.

So I wonder if the question we should be asking ourselves in our time today is, "Is my faith in God, real like Daniel's faith was, or is my faith just words that I say but don't live by?"

When my faith is tested by difficult times and evil people, do my words, my priorities, my lifestyle, and my actions, still prove my faith is real, like Daniel's was?

Dear Lord, As I see power hungry people making successful strides to destroy our nation and the nations of the world under the guise of "build back better," global warming, and the new world order, I am reminded that Your Word says, "there is nothing new under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

We are once again living in the times of Noah in which every intent of the heart is evil. (Genesis 6:5)

But Lord, Your Word also says that Noah found grace in your eyes. (Genesis 6:8)

So as You allow my time on this earth to continue, please keep the intent of my heart focused on You alone, rather than on the evil that appears to be reigning. Lord, help me keep my eyes on You each hour of each day.

Lord, I trust You, Your timing, and Your plan. Please use me to share Your Light and Your love with a world that desperately needs to know You. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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