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What's Your Legacy? (Josh 24)

What legacy of faith are we passing on to future generations and to those around us?

When we look at the declining numbers of church attendance, Bible reading, and those who claim to be Christians, it would appear that we are not passing on a legacy of faith to future generations or to those around us.

Yet many of us have probably read the verse below, committed to it, or even have it on a plaque in our homes:

Joshua 24:15 choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve: .. but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

But how do we actually live this out?

In a world that is addicted to video games, electronic devices, social media, possessions, and the latest new “craze” rolled out to the masses, how do we serve the Lord and encourage future generations and those around us to do the same?

Maybe the first step is realizing it won’t just happen in Sunday school lessons, CCD classes, CCE classes or an entire education in a faith based program, alone.

Faith based education programs provide an excellent foundation and hopefully protect our kids from being indoctrinated into the Godless teachings of the world.

But what really makes the difference is what we are modeling for the future generations and for those around us.

What do they see us doing, talking about, and getting joy from?

Do they see us serving God, praying, reading the Bible, talking about God, and getting our joy from our time with God?

Or do they see us focused on the world and trying to get joy from the things of the world?

Our children, grandchildren, and those around us watch us constantly to see if our actions really match our words.

They will absolutely choose to serve the God they see us serving; the God they see bringing us joy and comfort in good times and bad.

So what legacy of faith are we passing on to future generations and to those around us?

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 18, 2022

Our words and actions are very important !!

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