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The Impossible Law (Lev 05)

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

As I studied Leviticus 5:17, I quickly realized there’s no way anyone could ever obey all of these laws. And I think that’s the point.

When I study the law, it makes it abundantly clear that there’s no way I could ever be good enough to stand before a Holy God. I’m flawed and I have sin clinging to me that I can never shake off.

I can never do enough good to right even one of my wrongs. Only God can and thankfully He did.

He wiped out all of my sins when He appeared in human flesh as Jesus, lived a sinless life, and then willingly died in my place.

As He was about to give up His Spirit on that cross, He said, “Tetelestai,” meaning “It is finished!” He paid the debt for all of my sins: past, present and future, once and for all.

Dear Lord, As I slowly read through your law, it is abundantly clear how much my sins separate me from eternal life with You, now and forever.

As I realize that, I also realize how much I need your sacrifice in my place. Thank you Lord for paying my sin debt in full. Let me never forget your sacrifice. Let me show my gratitude by repenting and seeking your forgiveness when I mess up, loving others and showing them forgiveness when they mess up, and doing my best to live for You today!

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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