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Supporting Israel Today (Num 34)

I'm sure in previous years as I read through the Bible, I skimmed a lot of the book of Numbers and definitely Numbers 34 thinking what God told Moses about the borders of Israel was irrelevant to me and had nothing for me to learn and apply to my life.

But in reality, Numbers 34 is a big deal just like Ezekiel 47 is a big deal. Both of these chapters say this is what God is giving to Israel as the land that He promised them.

Whether or not these promises come true doesn't depend on Israel being good enough to deserve it. They don't deserve it any more than any other nation or people group deserves the blessings God promises to any of us.

Whether or not these promises come true doesn't depend on the world accepting God's promises to Israel. The world won't ever accept God's Word as truth or His borders as the law.

Whether or not these promises come true solely depends on God's sovereignty, God's character, and the truth of His Word. It will happen just as the Bible says it will happen, just as all of the other prophecies to date have happened.

Until Jesus returns, we will continue to see those who do not support the Bible as God's Word support the division of the Promised Land, the implementation of the two state solution, and any other opportunity that arises to curse Israel, God's chosen people.

But as a follower of Jesus Christ and a believer of the Word of God, I understand now probably better than ever before that I must take every opportunity to bless Israel, rather than support those who wish to curse it.

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