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Sins of Jeroboam (2 Kings 12-17)

There is a reoccurring theme in 2 Kings 12-17 with the kings of Israel repeating the sins of Jeroboam.

Generation after generation of the kings of the northern kingdom of Israel are described as:

2 Kings 15:18 "And he did evil in the sight of the Lord; he did not depart from the sins of Jeroboam"

After putting up with this for several generations and sending prophet after prophet to warn Israel to repent, God finally had enough.

He sent Assyria to besiege Samaria, defeat the northern kingdom of Israel, and carry them away into exile in Assyria.

So the obvious question is, what were the sins of Jeroboam that made God "remove Israel out of His sight?" (2 Kings 27:23)

Jeroboam, was the king of Israel who defeated the southern kingdom of Judah and then didn't want anyone from the northern kingdom going to Jerusalem to worship God. So he built two new temples, one in Bethel, on the border of Judah, and one in the northern city of Dan, ignoring that God had said Jerusalem was where they were to worship Him. (1 Kings 12:25-28).

But he didn't stop at just a location change. He erected idols to be worshiped, consecrated new priests from among the people who were not Levites (1 Kings 12:31), and made up new religious holidays (1 Kings 12:32-33).

Yet after changing God's commands to suit himself, Jeroboam still called on the name of God expecting it to be ok with God that he was leading Israel into idolatry, altering God's commands, and choosing which ones he would honor and which ones he would ignore.

We are no longer under the Law of Moses; we are under the Law of Christ. Jesus' sacrifice in our place freed us from the sacrificial laws and the ceremonial laws. But Jesus also made it clear that we are still under the moral law, our relationship to God and our relationship to each other.

If we take what God has given us in Christ and change it to suit ourselves, we too are walking in the sins of Jeroboam, who made generation after generation of Israel sin so badly, that God wanted to remove Israel "out of His sight."

Lord, Please give me the wisdom to seek You in all things so that I am being true to the Gospel of Christ, without adding to Your Word or taking away from Your Word. Lord, please give me the discipline to speak what Your Word says and be silent when Your Word is silent.

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