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Questioning God (Job 38-42)

Is it ok to question God? For example, is it ok to say, "Why would God .. ?" or even "Why would a loving God .. ?" How does God feel about us asking these kind of questions?

We get the answer in Job 40:2.

Job 40:2 Will the one who contends with the Almighty correct Him? Let him who accuses God answer Him!

God allowed Satan to test Job's faithfulness. First, Satan took away Job's children and possessions. But Job still worshiped God. So then Satan inflicted Job physically.

But Job still refused to curse God even when his wife encouraged him to do so. Satan tried to use Job's wife and friends to get him to question God's character and do what was right in his own eyes.

But Job refused even though he didn't understand why a loving God would allow all of his suffering. And God never gave Job the answers. Instead God showed Job who He is and that he needed to submit to Him rather than insist on getting all the answers.

If we've given God our whole heart, we will ask God for patience and strength for the battle we face, trusting God to execute His justice in His time. And as we seek Him, He will strengthen us for the road ahead. But Satan will continue to use every arrow in his quiver to try to knock us off God's path.

In fact, I wonder if the first symptom that we are listening to Satan instead of seeking God is when we start asking "why would God .. ?" or "why would a loving God .. ?" When we question God's character like that, Satan smiles because he knows he's winning.

When we question God's character like that, we are no longer seeking God with our whole heart. In fact, we're saying "God is not being fair" rather than saying "Only God can define what is fair and unfair, right and wrong."

So, is it ok to question God? Yes and No. It is absolutely ok to seek God with our whole heart asking Him for strength, wisdom, and patience to follow Him more faithfully and obey Him more fully. But it is not ok to question God's character. However, Satan will keep turning up the heat to encourage us to question God's character and trust in what seems right in our own eyes. We just need to trust in God rather than let Satan win.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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