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Prayer for Ukraine (Deut. 32)

There are so many trials and challenges in this life that are bigger than anyone can bear on their own. So much uncertainty for all of us but especially in Ukraine right now.

Can you imagine how the Ukrainians feel right now? Can you imagine the fear, uncertainty, and doubt they are dealing with day to day, hour to hour?

Yet as I see reports of those in Ukraine who have trusted in Jesus as the Lord of their life, they are proclaiming the name of the Lord. They are recounting stories of what He is doing among them, how they see Him working in the uncertainty, and the miracles He has performed. They are sharing how Jesus has truly been their Rock, giving them the courage to keep going.

Deuteronomy 32:3-4 “I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock”

Can you imagine what it must be like for those in Ukraine who haven’t trusted in Jesus and made Him the Lord of their life? They literally and figuratively don’t have a "Rock" to stand on. They must be paralyzed with fear, uncertainty, and doubt at a level that most of us can’t even imagine.

Yet Jesus is waiting for every last one of us, there and here, with arms wide open, wanting all of us to understand He died for each one of us and that if we will just turn and trust in Him, He will strengthen us for whatever lies ahead.

Dear Lord, I pray for all of those in Ukraine being displaced and living in fear from this terrible war, leaving their homes in the middle of winter with no place to go and families being split up, uncertain if they will ever see each other again.

Lord, I thank you for those who already know You, who are proclaiming Your name and praising You for how they see You moving among them. Thank you Lord for being their Rock, strengthening them with your presence and the assurance of your grace and love.

Oh Lord, I pray for the many who don’t know You, not just in Ukraine, but near and far, and wherever people are reading this right now. I pray that they would turn to You even now, Lord, and be filled with the strength of your Spirit and understand what it means to have you as our Rock, our strength, our peace in the storm. Lord, I pray this war would end. But even in this, I pray for your will to be done. Even in this, I trust you, Lord.

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