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Our Reaction to God's Word reveals our Faith

Have you ever noticed that our reaction to God's Word reveals our faith? For example, if we say we believe in Jesus but haven't made Him the Lord of our life we won't accept the parts of His Word that we don't like. But if Jesus is truly our Lord God, then what?

Proverbs 6:16-19 lists some things that "the Lord hates." Then it makes a stronger statement and says actually, there are 7 things which are an abomination to the Lord. An abomination means it is something that is absolutely detestable to our Lord God.

So it seems there are three ways people could react to that passage:

  1. Some will read those 7 things and then decide in their own eyes whether or not they agree that those things are wrong or that they are right.

  2. Some will read those 7 things and then try to twist the meaning of the ones they disagree with to say they really mean something else so it doesn't apply to them.

  3. Some will read those 7 things, seek to understand exactly what they mean in the context of Scripture so that they never do something that is detestable to God.

So assuming we fall into the last category, that Jesus is not only our Savior but also the Lord of our lives and we want to submit to His authority, let's understand what these 7 things are that the Lord finds absolutely detestable:

  1. Haughty Eyes: Someone who thinks more highly of themselves than others

  2. Lying Tongue: Someone who tells lies

  3. Hands that shed Innocent Blood: Intentionally taking innocent human life. Since blood is circulating in an unborn baby 21 days after conception, this would include killing an unborn child just as we see indicated in Exodus 21:22-25. This would also include killing an elderly person or someone who is terminally ill by euthanasia. In each of those cases, they are all "innocent blood." However, this does not include killing someone who has been found guilty of murder because that person would not be "innocent blood."

  4. Heart devises Wicked Plans: Someone who devises a plan to destroy, hurt or take something from someone else. For example, if government representatives devise a plan to take away freedoms, food, livelihood, and other means from the people to gain control over them, subjugate them, and oppress them, that would be "hearts who devise wicked plans."

  5. Feet that run rapidly to Evil: Someone who hastens to cause pain, unhappiness, misery, or injury to others.

  6. False Witness that utters Lies: Someone who spreads lies about someone else is a false witness. For example, when Jesus was on trial, they found people willing to give false testimony against Him, to incriminate Him.

  7. One who spreads Strife among Brothers: Someone who tries to stir up conflict among family members. This could also include those who try to stir up conflict among people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions, political sides, and social issues to garner support and push through their agenda. This is actually exactly what Satan tries to do; divide and conquer us, destroy our nation.

How we react to this list of 7 abominations to the Lord depends on whether we are trying to be our own lord or whether we are submitting to Jesus as our Lord God.

How we react to God's Word reveals our faith, whether we are just claiming to be a Christian or actually trying to live it out day after day.

Dear Lord, I am nothing and You are everything. Yet You loved me enough to die to save me from my sins. Lord, I know that my beliefs about what is right and what is wrong is totally irrelevant. All that matters is that I am continually devoting myself to understanding Your Word and obeying it. Lord, I know You said in John 14:23, "if anyone loves Me, they will obey Me." Lord, I am imperfect and mess up daily. But I love You, Lord, and want to obey You in all things. Lord, please give me the wisdom to do what glorifies You and the strength to avoid anything that is an abomination to You. Lord, each day, show me how I need to die to self and submit to You as the Lord God of my life. In Jesus' name, amen.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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