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Keeping God at the Center (1 Chronicles 13)

When others look at you, can they tell if God is at the center of your life? What is it they see or don't see that communicates this?

In 1 Chronicles 13:3, David says "let us bring back the ark of our God to us, for we did not seek it in the days of Saul."

In other words, Saul did not seek God and neither did the nation of Israel.

But now that Israel had united behind David, his first order of business was to bring the nation of Israel back to God. The outward sign of his commitment to do this was to bring the ark back rather than neglecting it on the outskirts.

Where is the "ark of God" in our lives? When others look at us, is there a clear indication that we are making God the center of our lives?

When we neglect the Bible, choose not to be in church regularly, don't think about praying daily, or staying in fellowship with other believers, we are showing the same visual signs that God is not the center of our life.

Dear Lord, Please show me in what areas I have put You on the outskirts rather than in the center of my life.

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