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Iran's Threats

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

In Prophecy News:

Will Iran Attack Israel?

The front page of the December 14, 2021 "Tehran Times," displayed a map of Israel with alleged targets that Iran could hit. At the same time, Iran unveiled a cruise missile with a range of 1300 km, loaded on a Russian Sukhoi SU-24.

Sources close to the Iranian government report huge military movements of Iran's Revolutionary Guard on the Iraqi border. Some of the military movements taking place include ballistic missile reservoirs and launching systems. At the same time, dozens of Iranian trucks carrying military equipment crossed the border from Iraq to Syria, Israel's northern neighbor.

Additionally Iranian and North Korean scientists are helping Syria build a nuclear reactor in the al-Ghab region in northern Syria. Considering Iran's relentless goal to destroy Israel, it would be hard to imagine Iran's involvement in this nuclear reactor is peaceful.

It's also hard to imagine that any kind of sanctions will stop Iran from pursuing nuclear armament both on Iranian soil and at its terrorist proxy locations in Syria and Lebanon.

But how is this relevant to Bible Prophecy? Well we know that Iran, Turkey and Russia, the three major players in the future Ezekiel 38 Gog Magog war are in close alignment. So as we see Iran positioning military equipment and troops, Turkey's economy plummeting, the collapse of the Turkish lira, and Russia hungry to acquire more territory, it appears all the more likely that the smallest spark could ignite this future end times war.

The other key ingredient is that the world is realizing the U.S. would likely not come to Israel's aid under the current administration. After U.S. forces were pulled out of Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, and China saw a weaker U.S. administration emerging.

So they jointly began stepping over the line to test the U.S. simultaneously. Iran started making more aggressive threats to Israel and moving faster toward nuclear breakout. Russia started moving against Ukraine and China started advancing against Taiwan as well as building military bases in strategic locations.

Then they watched to see if the U.S. would make any significant moves or just talk tough. What they see is the U.S. telling Ukraine to give Russia what they want, telling Israel to stand down against Iran, and taking no real action against China.

That validates their suspicion that Israel is on their own and the U.S. is not going to engage in the Middle East under this administration. But as Bible believing Christians, we need to be praying for Israel and for our U.S. administration to bless Israel, not abandon it.


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