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Holy for Jesus (Lev 11)

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I’m in the middle of Leviticus, reading about clean and unclean animals, laws that don’t apply to us as followers of Jesus today. So why read this?

First, it teaches me about the ceremonial and sacrificial laws which Jesus fulfilled in my place.

Second, it reminds me that I am still obligated to obey the moral laws, those that define my relationship with God and my relationship with others.

Leviticus 11:45 says “You shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.”

Today the word “holy” is normally used to express our displeasure without thinking about what it means to God.

God provided these detailed laws to the Israelites to help them be holy (set apart) for Him.

1 Peter 1:15 tells us that God expects us to live “holy” (spiritually and morally set apart) from the world still today.

The word “holy” should remind us that only through Jesus’ sacrifice in our place can we presented “blameless and above reproach” before a holy God.

Dear Lord, When I hear, see or use the word “holy,” let it remind me of your sacrifice in my place and my desire to live spiritually and morally set apart for You still today.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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