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Has the Tribulation begun?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Have you noticed a lot of what is going on today matches the seal judgments of Revelation 6? Could it be that we are already in the Tribulation, today? Or could we be seeing the birth pangs of what is still to come?

In Revelation 6:1-2, Jesus breaks the 1st Seal of the scroll and the Antichrist appears on a white horse. Daniel 9:27 tells us at this point the Antichrist will sign a forced covenant with Israel for 7 years. The Jews will then resume sacrifice and grain offerings until the middle of the Tribulation.

In August 2020, the U.S. Administration successfully facilitated a declaration of peace, called the Abraham Accords, between Israel and the UAE, normalizing diplomatic relations. After this first agreement, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco followed. There is now talk of other Muslim nations following suit.

We know this treaty is not the deal between the Antichrist and Israel. For one, there’s no Antichrist on the scene. Second, the Abraham Accords is supposed to maintain the status quo of the temple mount. If the Jews started building their temple today and performing sacrifices and grain offerings, the status quo of the temple mount would be shattered, not maintained.

But if additional Muslim countries continue this normalization effort, could this lead to the agreement with the Antichrist, which allows the Jews to build the third temple and resume sacrifice and grain offerings? Could this treaty be a foreshadowing of the 1st Seal of the Tribulation yet to come?

In Revelation 6:3-4, Jesus breaks the 2nd Seal of the scroll and a red horse appears and the rider is given authority to take peace from the earth. This aligns with Matthew 24:6, when Jesus described the first half of the Tribulation saying there will be “wars and rumors of wars.”

“Wars and rumors of war” is something we could say has been true in almost every generation. But have we ever seen the world powers aggressively trying to wipe out the remaining democratic republics? Could the “wars and rumors of wars” we are seeing today be a foreshadowing of this 2nd Seal judgment? Are we seeing the set up for the Isaiah 17, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel Gog Magog Wars?

Keep an eye on Russia, Iran, Turkey, China, the US and North Korea.

In Revelation 6:5-6, Jesus breaks the 3rd Seal of the scroll and a black horse appears and the rider has a scale, the kind used to measure food. The price of wheat will be a day’s wages indicating famine.

I’ve always assumed food would be scarce during the Tribulation due to God’s judgments. But could it be we are seeing a foreshadowing of “famine” today at the hands of men? In many places where the shelves are empty, there is not a shortage of food. There is a man-made supply chain problem preventing delivery. Could it be during the Tribulation, the One World Government of the Antichrist will create famine by limiting distribution in order to subjugate the world population? Could the empty shelves we are seeing today be a foreshadowing of what the Antichrist will do to subjugate the world during the Tribulation? By the way, have you noticed the price of wheat?

In Revelation 6:7-8, Jesus breaks the 4th Seal of the scroll and an ashen horse appears and the rider has the name “Death” with Hades following him. Authority is given to kill ¼ of the earth with sword, famine, pestilence (disease) and by wild beasts.

With a current world population of almost 8 billion, we don’t quite see 2 billion people being killed today. But we can easily see how a future One World Government of the Antichrist could kill 2 billion people through war, man-made famine, and man-made disease released to propagate world-wide. Could it be that some of these future diseases could even be created from “wild beasts” in laboratories?

In Revelation 6:9-11, Jesus breaks the 5th Seal of the scroll and John sees the souls of martyrs, those who will be killed during the Tribulation because they refused to deny Jesus.

The persecution of those who follow Jesus and obey His commands is growing worldwide. Even in the U.S. people are labeled “domestic terrorists” and losing their jobs as they try to live for Christ. Could this be a foreshadowing of what is to come during the Tribulation?

In Revelation 6:12-16, Jesus breaks the 6th Seal of the scroll and there is a great earthquake, the sun is blackened, the moon turns blood red, the stars fall to the earth, and the sky is split apart.

Seismologists agree that earthquakes are increasing with frequency and intensity just as Jesus indicated they would be in Matthew 24:7. So it wouldn’t seem surprising that great earthquakes will happen in the future. But not just earthquakes. Volcanoes, tornadoes, hail storms, strange weather patterns are all increasing with frequency and intensity as if the world itself is preparing for the end of the age and the coming of God’s 7-year tribulation period.

If what we are seeing today is a foreshadowing of the seal judgments, why is it happening? Why is God doing this? Once again Scripture gives us the answer.

In Revelation 2-3, Jesus gave warnings to the churches encouraging them to wake up, repent and turn back to Him.

But now in our time, as we draw closer to the 7-year Tribulation, could God also be giving us birth pangs of what is to come to help us realize our imminent need to wake up, repent, get on mission for Jesus, and share His message of love and salvation with those around us who desperately need Him?

If so, what is God calling you to do, today?

As we think about all of this, should we be looking for Jesus or for the Antichrist?

Well Scripture gives us the answer to that too. We will look at that in detail in our next prophecy article.


  1. Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 02.28.2022

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