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God desires a relationship with us (Hosea 4)

Have you ever heard people say, "God desires a personal relationship with you?" Or maybe you've heard people ask, "Where in the Bible does it say God wants a personal relationship with us?" It's actually said throughout the Bible, particularly in Hosea.

Most people are familiar with the Old Testament books of Genesis and Exodus and the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But when it comes to the book of Hosea, I think most people would ask, "Is that in the Bible?"

Hosea is right after the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and was written by the prophet, Hosea, around 715 B.C. to the northern kingdom of Israel. The story of Hosea is bittersweet.

Hosea is to illustrate God's love for His sinful, adulterous people through his own life. God tells Hosea to marry a prostitute named Gomer. During their marriage, children are born. But it's not clear if these children are Hosea's own children or children conceived through adultery.

The entire message of Hosea is this, just as Hosea's wife, Gomer, was unfaithful to him, so the nation of Israel had been unfaithful to God. God viewed Israel's idolatry as a wife cheating on her husband.

What could indicate "relationship" more than the Biblical covenant of marriage? God desires a personal relationship with His people like that of a man and woman who have committed their lives together through the covenant of marriage.

In fact we see in Hosea 4:1 "There is no knowledge of God in the land!" is a charge God makes against Israel. The word "knowledge" is "Yada" in Hebrew which doesn't just mean knowing about someone but having a firsthand, personal relationship with someone. God's charge against Israel is that they don't truly know God personally.

Of course as we read through the Bible, Hosea is not the only Old Testament prophet who has given this message. Ezekiel is given the same message and again Israel is compared to an unfaithful wife.

Then in the New Testament, the followers of Jesus, are called the "bride of Christ." Again we see "personal relationship" emphasized.

But I guess the passage that stands out the most to me is when Jesus clearly said, only those who know Him personally, who have a dedicated relationship with Him, will enter the kingdom of heaven:

Matthew 7:22-23 [22] Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ [23] Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

So what about you? If today ends up being the last day on this earth before Jesus comes for His followers, will He say to you, "Come," or will He say to you, "I never knew you."

Please let today be the day that you say "yes" to Jesus. Please let today be the day that you repent of your sins and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life, while there is still time.

Dear Lord, Thank you for putting people in my life who not only gave me intellectual knowledge about You but cared enough to introduce me to You personally. Lord, thank you for putting people in my life over the years at the perfect time, to answer my questions and show me through their example and through Your Word, how I can find peace, strength, and love through You. Lord, I pray for anyone reading this now that they would repent of their sins and trust in You as both their savior and the Lord of their lives, truly entering a covenant relationship with You and dedicating the rest of their life to You. Lord, thank you for giving up Your life for each of us. Thank you for your love.

In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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