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Facing Disaster (2 Kings 7)

When you’re faced with a disaster (famine, earthquake, tornado, etc.), what would be your first inclination, to take care of yourself and your family alone or try to help others as well?

When the Arameans besieged Samaria, the Israelites quickly fell to famine as they had no way to get out and find food. Some lepers among them decided to go out to the Arameans and surrender, knowing they would die if they remained at the city gate.

But when they arrived at the enemy camp, they discovered the Arameans had left in haste, leaving all of their food and supplies behind.

At first the lepers just focused on themselves, feeding their faces. But soon they realized only taking care of themselves was wrong. So they went back into Samaria to tell the others and prevent them from starving to death.

2 Kings 7:9 Then they said to one another, “We are not doing right. .. we are keeping silent"

God’s Word is very clear. When we see the enemy coming, we are to do everything we can to warn people to turn to Jesus while there's still time. If they ignore the warning, their blood is on their own head. (Ezekiel 33:6)

Unlike anytime before, here in the US, as we watch current events through the lens of Bible prophecy, the enemy appears to be right at our door.

So I’m using this resource God has given me here to warn people to prepare your households, not just physically but spiritually preparing for Jesus.

If we are so focused on preparing physically that we lose sight of sharing the good news that everything we are seeing means Jesus is coming soon, we are missing our purpose and doing wrong, just like the lepers did at first.

God has put us here at this time, in this place to go out and tell people that Jesus loves them, that He lived and died so that each of us could be saved from the wrath that is to come, and that He wants everyone to repent of their sins and accept His free gift of eternal life. Things are not falling apart; they are falling into place.

Are you making it a priority to prepare your heart for Jesus and telling others to do the same? Are you also preparing for physical famine. Spiritual famine is already here.

Dear Lord, Please show me who needs to hear about your love for them and your message of salvation. Make me a vessel, Lord. Give me wisdom, eyes to see, ears to hear and the words you want me to speak.

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