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Experiencing God (Gen 28)

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

There are times when we face a crisis which rocks us to the core. But at the hardest moments we are overcome with God's presence and filled with His peace and comfort in a way that is difficult to describe.

Jacob experienced God's presence like this after departing Beersheba on his way to Haran. As he slept, He had a dream about a ladder and God speaking to him. When he awoke, he was overcome by the presence of God and called that place, Bethel, meaning house of God. Genesis 28:12-22

So then in Genesis 31:13, when God spoke to Jacob, He said "I am the God of Bethel," to remind Jacob when he was overcome with God's presence and encourage him to once again, draw close to God, rely on Him and follow Him as he faced a new crisis with his father-in-law.

So then how do we remember the times when God has worked in our lives and made His presence known to us so that we draw close to Him, rely on Him, and follow Him, not only as we face a crisis, but day to day?

For me it's remembering the days leading up to my dad's death. As I sat next to him, I poured through Scripture. And as I did, I was overwhelmed with God's presence and just kept praying, "Lord, even in this, I trust you!"

Ever sense that time, that short prayer has been my battle cry to remind me how God kept my dad comfortable and made His presence known to me as I sat alone in the room next to my dad and poured through the Bible.

What about you? How will you remember the times God has made Himself known to you?

What will jolt your memory that God will once again sustain and guide you, if you just draw close to Him and rely on Him not just in times of crisis, but day to day?

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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