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Enticed to Sin (Num 31)

Have you ever found yourself drawn to someone or something which entices you to turn away from God and embrace sin?

That’s what happened to Israel. The Israelite men were enticed to turn away from God, commit sexual immorality, and worship Baal with the Midianite women.

In Numbers 31:1, the Lord, instructed Moses to purge the Midianites from the land for enticing Israel to sin and turn away from Him.

But the Israelite men once again fell to the enticement of the Midianite women and brought them back with them from the battle rather than defeating them as God had instructed.

Numbers 31:16 Moses said to them, “.. these caused the sons of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to trespass against the Lord ..”

This is a reminder to me that when the influence of someone or something is enticing me to turn away from God and embrace sin, I need to follow Moses' example and completely let go of that influence and keep the eyes of my heart glued to Jesus and focused on following Him.

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