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Encouraged to Compromise (Num 22)

Have you ever noticed when you say you will not do something because God’s Word says “no,” people will try to get you to compromise and do it anyway?

In Numbers 22, Balak, a Moabite king hires a sorcerer named, Balaam, to curse Israel.

Balaam says over and over that he will not go against God just for material rewards.

But when Balak kept dangling the carrot in front of Balaam’s eyes, he was so blinded by his desire for material rewards, he went with Balak and could not see that God was literally standing in the path before him, trying to get him to stop and turn away.

The world will always dangle the lure of material possessions, pleasure, and power before our eyes to tempt us to compromise our faith and disobey God.

But if we are leaning into God every morning, asking Him to direct and protect us throughout each day, we will clearly see when He is standing in the path before us, telling us to stop and choose Him and His way over the world’s lure of material possessions, pleasure, and power.

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