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Cost of Forgiveness (Lev 01)

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Leviticus! One of my absolute least favorite books of the Bible, which means I need to read it slower instead of intentionally flying through it and ask God to show me what my application is.

This morning what hits me is the sacrifice of animals in Leviticus 1-4. I hate this part and I would imagine the people did too. They had to lay their hand on the head of the animal and then kill the animal symbolizing it dying in their place for their sin.

It wasn’t the sacrifice itself that removed their sin. Through the sacrificial ceremony the person outwardly demonstrated their inward repentance as they gave up the life of one of their costly animals and trusted God to forgive their sin in the process.

I guess what really strikes me is how much more they would have understood the seriousness of their sin, their need to repent, and the cost of forgiveness.

When I think of the fact that Jesus died in my place, to atone for all of my sins, do I really get the seriousness of my sins, my need to repent and the cost of God’s forgiveness for me?

I think it’s probably something none of us like to think about any more than they did in the times of Leviticus. But if I don’t think about it, am I just outwardly going through the motions without really inwardly repenting of my sins and realizing my need for a savior? God was making them realize the cost of their sin and the cost of forgiveness. Have I forgotten that cost today?

Dear Lord, I guess You have huge application for me even in Leviticus! The image of people putting their hand on the head of the animal and killing it makes me realize all the more that it was for my sins that You willingly submitted to the pain, torture and death on the cross. I need to realize the cost of my sins which required You to die in my place. Please forgive me Lord, and please don’t let me repeat my sins. As I go forward this day, let me truly live for You, as I remember you died in my place.

Jan Weihl

Living Word Ministries

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