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Borders and Walls (Josh 19)

There are a lot of different opinions on borders and walls these days.

But what do “borders and walls” mean to God?

God instructed Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall. The wall was needed to protect the Israelites from invasion and to keep them separate from those who didn’t follow God.

In Joshua 13-24, God established borders for the Promised Land. He clearly defined what the outer borders were to be and told the Israelites to drive out and separate from the people who did not follow God. Then even within the Promised Land, God established borders for the tribes of Israel.

Joshua 19:49 When they finished apportioning the land for inheritance by its borders ..

In Ezekiel 47-48, God gives us a detailed description of the future borders of Jerusalem.

In Revelation 21, we are told of a future eternal Jerusalem which will have borders and an amazing wall.

So it seems that as a part of God’s plan, He instructs us to create walls and borders to maintain order and to protect His people.

That means walls and borders are not a bad thing. They protect us from harm, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So I need to make sure I understand and respect the borders (boundaries) and even walls of others.

At the same time I need to clearly communicate my own boundaries and when necessary put up a wall to maintain them.

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