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Vaccine vs the Mark

Vaccine vs the Mark

COVID Vaccine vs the Mark of the Beast

From the beginning I have believed two things about the COVID vaccine in relation to the mark of the beast of Revelation 13.

First, the COVID vaccine is absolutely not the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast will not come on the scene until the middle of the Tribulation. We are currently in the church age. The vaccine is being administered in response to a virus, not as an act of worship of the Antichrist, who will not be revealed until after the church age ends. So there can't be a "mark of the beast" when there is no beast, aka Antichrist.

But on the other side of the coin, I'm convinced the COVID vaccine is a precursor to the mark of the beast. The world is being conditioned to submit to something in order to work, travel, buy, and sell.

Some places have stricter laws than others. But what we need to watch is whether the laws worldwide are relaxed or become more oppressive.

We mentioned in an earlier article that Austria will be imposing a nationwide vaccine mandate starting February 1, 2022. But now we see just how severe this mandate will be. The unvaccinated will pay a $4,000 fine for each quarter they remain unvaccinated.

In New Brunswick, Canada, people are now required to show proof of full vaccination to enter grocery stores to buy food. This new provision raises questions from health experts for the need to impose such a plan since the province's daily cases remain low.

In Israel, Green Passports will now be required in malls starting Friday, December 17, 2021.

Here in the U.S., congress is trying to pass the "Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021." This bill easily passed in the House and is expected to pass in the Senate. It will appropriate $400,000,000, to create a Federal Vaccination Database to track vaccination records. This will allow the government to quickly see who is vaccinated and who is not.

So why are the laws becoming so strict over a vaccine? Why not just hold people down and vaccinate them? Wouldn't that be an easier way to accomplish the 100% vaccinated goal?

Well yes that would be easier if that were the goal. But if the goal is really about government control, then holding them down and vaccinating them won't break their spirit and get them to willingly submit to all aspects of government control over their lives. And if what we are seeing is the groundwork for the One World Government system, total subjugation is the real goal.

But isn't it a blessing to know the mark of the beast will not be implemented until the middle of the 7-year Tribulation and that Jesus will come before the Tribulation to rescue all who have chosen to repent of their sins and follow Him as their Savior and Lord? Come Lord Jesus, Come.

By: Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 12.15.2021


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