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U.S. vs Israel

U.S. vs Israel

Is the U.S. Blessing Israel or Cursing It?

Last month in an earlier prophecy news article, we mentioned that it would be interesting to see if we saw an increase in natural disasters within our shores if we continue to turn our back on Israel. 

Why? Because in Genesis 12:3 God promised to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. (Note that Genesis 27:29 tells us Israel inherited the blessings God originally gave to Abraham.) 

And now as we look back on history, there is a clear alignment of natural disasters within our shores when our previous leaders have gone against Israel rather than blessing it.

Currently, in spite of the threats Iran is making against Israel, their unwillingness to negotiate their nuclear breakout, and their obvious positioning of military forces and weaponry, the U.S. administration is telling Israel to stand down against Iran and rejecting Israel's request to expedite delivery of two KC-46 refueling jets already purchased from Boeing. These jets would keep dozens of fighter aircraft airborne for 12 hours. But the U.S. administration appears to be telling Boeing to drag its feet in fulfilling its commitment to Israel. 

So then the question is, would God see this as blessing Israel or cursing it? Well truly only God knows.

But the seismic events and natural disasters that have hit our shores over the last week while all of this is going on certainly seems timely. In the last 7 days there was a swarm of over 55 earthquakes off the coast of Oregon, six US volcanoes were made active, and more than 30 deadly tornadoes left a path of destruction across six states Friday, December 10, 2021.

Now of course many will just chalk this up to climate change. But those of us who trust in God's Word will continue to watch and pray that the U.S., France, Germany, and Britain will take measures to stand strong in support of Israel rather than just talk about it. In other words, if new sanctions don't deter Iran, what will our nation and Europe do to support Israel? Will they bless Israel or curse it?

Let's pray our nation chooses to bless Israel.


By: Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 12.15.2021


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