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Russian Troops on Ukraine Border

Russian Troops on Ukraine Border

Russia's Troops Increasing on Ukraine Border

According to an AP News article, Russian President Vladimir Putin sternly warned NATO against deploying its troops and weapons to Ukraine, saying it represents a red line for Russia and would trigger a strong response.

So the question is, why is Putin so interested in Ukraine? Well, Putin claims that NATO's eastward expansion has threatened Russia's core security interests. He expressed concern that NATO could eventually use the Ukraine territory to deploy missiles capable of reaching Moscow in just five minutes. He also claims that Russia had to develop hypersonic weapons to counter this growing threat. But who in their right mind would attack Russia? So could there be another reason?

Ukraine is a former Soviet republic, largely surrounded by European Union nations on the west and Russia to the east. Could it be that Putin never accepted the loss of Ukraine in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR, and sees it as central to his vision of Greater Russia? Many pro-western Ukrainians fear Putin's goal is to create a union of former Soviet states, with Moscow at the center once again.

Could it also be that Putin wants Ukraine because it has significant natural resources including natural gas and oil.

Or could it be that taking back Ukraine would better position Russia for an invasion of Israel? Whenever we see one of the five major players of the future Ezekiel 38 war making advancements toward Israel, we want to pay close attention. So let's keep an eye on what Russia does regarding Ukraine.

By: Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 12.04.2021


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