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Iran Nuclear Talks

Iran Nuclear Talks

Will the Vienna Nuclear Talks Accomplish Anything?

Monday, November 29th, was the kick off of nuclear talks between Iran and world powers. Iran's goal is to get rid of U.S. imposed sanctions and likely to avoid any restrictions on their nuclear program. On the other side of the table, the goal is to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Iran has made it clear that they will only talk about what they want to talk about which is the removal of sanctions. They don't want to discuss why they are currently enriching uranium at 60% purity, way over the 3.67% limit set in the JCPOA nuclear deal or that their total stockpile of enriched uranium also violates this deal.

But that's not all. Israel has shared intelligence over the past two weeks with the U.S. and several European allies suggesting that Iran is taking technical steps to prepare to enrich uranium to 90% purity - the level needed to produce a nuclear weapon.

The question is, will this be addressed this week in Vienna? Will Iran be willing to discuss it? If no progress is made on this, will Israel's allies take action against Iran or let them do what they want?

Israel has made it clear that they will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons. Will their allies assist them? If Israel were to take out Iran's nuclear facilities, Iran would immediately use its terrorist proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank to attack Israel. What will happen in that scenario?

Let's keep our eyes on Vienna, Iran, and Israel.

By: Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 12.01.2021


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