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Hypersonic Missiles of Russia & China

Hypersonic Missiles of Russia & China

Is the U.S. Falling Behind?

China is making moves against Taiwan while Russia makes moves against Ukraine. Could it be they're confident in making these moves because they know they are now light years ahead of the United States?

Russia just launched a surface-to-air missile into space that destroyed an antiquated Cosmos spy satellite. China can also destroy satellites as well as deploy fields laser and jamming technologies capable of blocking satellite communications. This technology could easily paralyze U.S. communications and devastate the economy.

Over the summer, China launched a hypersonic missile that successfully circled the earth catching the United States totally by surprise. Up to this point the U.S. thought China was several years away from this capability. Meanwhile, Russia has had this technology since 2018. Since then they have developed and deployed ground, air, naval, and space-based hypersonic missiles and are now mass producing them.

So we might expect this to create a sense of urgency in the U.S. administration. But it appears the focus continues to be climate change, reinstating the JCPOA and pressuring Israel to accept a two-state solution.

What does this have to do with End Times prophecy? Well in order for the One World Government to rise, the United States will have to be absorbed in some fashion. Could that be what we are seeing take place today?

By: Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 12.01.2021


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