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2021 Harbingers of Jesus' Return

2021 Harbingers of Jesus' Return

The Top Harbingers Which Point to Jesus' Return

In the last month it's been hard to keep up with all the current events around the world that relate to Bible prophecy. "Understanding the Times" radio host, Jan Markell, summarized the top "harbingers" which she believes point to Jesus' return. They are:

(1) America's decline and the rise of the World Economic Forum

  • She says "America is not coming back but Jesus is." I agree with her. And as we come to that realization we need to make sure we are not being like Lot's wife looking back at Sodom which God destroyed. Instead we need to be looking forward to the promises we have in Jesus' return.

  • The world is clearly preparing for global government. All efforts to advance this cause are sold as "saving the world." But Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum's real goal is total control in which "mankind will own nothing and be happy." There's no way this can be translated as anything but a Socialist/Marxist regime that wants to own all of our possessions and control every aspect of our lives.

(2) Fear-based world submitting to government overreach

  • The globalists have convinced the world that it is worth giving up freedom in the name of health and safety. This is perfect conditioning for the 7-year Tribulation period during which the world will give up everything in worship of the Antichrist.

  • As we see the implementation of world-wide vaccine passports and forced vaccinations, the world is being conditioned to accept total tyranny in preparation for the age to come.

(3) Escalating birth pangs of creation

  • Even secular weather commentators and seismologists are telling us that natural disasters are increasing in "frequency and intensity." They are using Biblical terminology without even realizing it.

  • Even though the Bible clearly teaches in over 50 passages that it is God who controls the weather, the world insists that all these tragedies are a result of man-made climate change and that it can be reversed by converting from fossil fuels to green energy.

  • But we know from Scripture that these natural disasters are under God's control, not man's. We also know they will continue to increase as we get closer to the end of the church age.

(4) Lawlessness and the rise of the spirit of the Antichrist

  • Matthew 24:12 says "because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold." Although this is a reference to the Tribulation period, there is no doubt we are seeing the shadow of this being cast over the church age today.

  • Since the spring and summer of 2020 we have seen the escalation of lawlessness in many countries as the world prepares for the rise of the Antichrist and his One World Government.

(5) Romans 1 delusion

  • Romans 1:28 says "And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper."

  • We are living in a Romans 1 world today. Our culture has totally embraced relativism and believes right is wrong and wrong is right.

  • But there is hope in spite of the extreme depravity around us when we keep our eyes on Jesus and realize at some point God will say "enough," and rescue those who have repented and trusted in Jesus.

(6) Marginalization of Christians and Jews

  • Jesus said in John 15:19 that the world will hate his followers.

  • That's why Christians are being called "extremists," "Nazis", etc.

  • That's why the Department of Homeland Security's potential terror threat list includes those who object or question these new government controls and the new administration.

  • But when we study Scripture, we know as we get to the end of the Church Age, both Christians and Jews will experience more persecution.

So it's time to look up! We are living in the last days before our Lord Jesus intervenes. That's why now more than ever we need to obey Hebrews 10:25 and not forsake meeting together, encouraging each other, studying God's Word together and praying together. We must help each other stay alert and live ready as the day approaches.

By: Jan Weihl, Living Word Ministries, 12.15.2021


  1. Jan Markell, "Top Bible Prophecy Stories in 2021 - Harbingers of His Return,", 10.16.2021

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